Email marketing

Fundamental Email Marketing Tips

If you think email marketing has lost its luster, you are wrong. It’s an essential part of any marketing plan and it produces a solid return on investment (ROI). Plus, it is also one of the only definitively measurable one-to-one communication mediums. Email marketing is a great way to build relationships with customers who are interested in you and it is a terrific way to morph mere interest into buying behavior and to keep you current customers.

Follow the tips below to create successful email campaigns for your business:

Local SEO

Local SEO: It’s Important Too!

If you have a local business and a website you need to invest in local SEO if you want to have any local presence on the web at all.

Find Your Business Category
One of the first tasks you need to do is figure out how your business is categorized. You will need to know this when filling out information to join local directories, etc. Go to Moz's local categories list to help you choose the right category for your business.

Keyword Research